Community Building: Customer Insight & Validation

Lauren is the author of “The Community Manager’s Playbook” (2015) . She uses her expertise to coach teams to transform the way they work by combining innovative branding techniques with  an agile marketing framework, which allows them to stay relevant in the digital economy.

Her ability to understand people, ask the right questions, observe human behavior, identify news or trends and analyze the data provides companies with valuable insights that validate what’s important to their customers.

Lauren was originally hired as a “Community Activities Supervisor” at Crunch Fitness When she saw the valuable client insights she gained from various events, and how those insights could be used to further other marketing efforts, Lauren formed the Crunch Fitness Headquarters Community Department. She  developed a deep understanding of the Crunch customer  by measuring engagement with the community and setting benchmarks for success.  This allowed her to identify what was most an relevant to them and how they wanted to engage with the brand.

Through these experiences, Lauren has mastered the art of customer empathy and  understanding . She has learned how to use customer engagement to validate needs and gain insight. n. She knows that sometimes the most important lessons come from the problems people can’t yet articulate, but whose solutions can already be found.
Brand Marketing: strategic cross-platform approach

As CEO and founder of Perks Consulting, she successfully leads though her firm’s approach, “Think like a Brand. Act like a Startup”.She has built her expertise in leading brand innovation and digital adoption at growth-stage companies to help them take advantage of the full brand marketing mix that today’s world of social and digital affords us.

Most recently, she helped Laura Mercier to become a digital adopter within marketing, to help the brand take advantage of their existing customer awareness and loyalty. Her work with Birdi led them to build their strategic brand foundation which enabled them to “think like a brand, act like a startup”, raising their initial capital and validating their idea on Indiegogo and then their seed round of funding.

Lauren’s brand marketing approach is cross-platform and combines her expertise in traditional and experiential marketing with her vast knowledge of emerging technologies, community building, customer validation and agile marketing.
Digital Innovation: Lean and Agile

Digital and technology are rapidly transforming the fundamental nature of many companies across a wide range of industries. Lauren’s approach of leveraging digital and technology to build the brand and grow companies began at Crunch and evolved at Laser Cosmetica where she supported the company’s growth from four to twelve locations, including the corporate infrastructure and customer management systems (CRM and POS), which led to a fourfold revenue growth over two years.

Lauren began Perks Consulting in 2008 as a digital brand and marketing consultancy,  but quickly saw the need to further leverage the company’s brand foundation background with disruptive technologies and innovation processes, and refocused Perks as a brand-led, digital innovation firm. Leveraging the speed and financial efficiency of social media and technology with the brand foundations and customer engagement tactics, Lauren creates the traction externally and the infrastructure internally to support scaling a new or growing venture.

In 2009, Lauren’s work with 85Broads helped the company to reinvent their business model and raise brand awareness. By rebuilding the brand and its member technology platform to include a robust social member engagement approach, Lauren’s strategy allowed 85Broads to be more social media-enabled, generate visibility and attract new members while positioning them as the first global professional women’s network.

She works to ensure that the customer is always being put first, that the bias is always towards action, and that there is always an iterative, evolutionary process from idea to go-to-market to the in market evolution. Lauren is an agile practitioner, pulling on her roots as a competitive athlete and trainer to leverage entrepreneurial approaches, frameworks and methods. To have a lean and agile approach creates an adaptability advantage necessary to compete at the fast-paced rate of change that business move in now-a-days.

Core Beliefs: #AttitudeIsEverything

Living by the mantra “Attitude is Everything”, which she learned as a young competitive athlete, Lauren’s passion for fitness informs her performance-driven approach to business and life. Her community building style, however, was born from the values of her lively, loving Italian mother.