The Community Manager’s Playbook

^7B9C1173DCB971078AAB55A134FD44EC66C45A1124476F1BE3^pimgpsh_thumbnail_win_distrSavvy companies recognize the value of a strong community. Think of the Nike community of runners, Nike+, and you’ll quickly understand that creating and fostering an online community around a product or brand is a powerful way to boost marketing efforts, gain valuable insight into consumers, increase revenue, improve consumer loyalty, and enhance customer service efforts. That’s why brand marketer and digital innovation expert Lauren Perkins wrote The Community Manager’s Playbook (#CMplaybook on Twitter), a must-read guide for business and brand builders who need to strengthen their approach to online community management and customer engagement. As Lauren explains, organizations of all sizes will be rewarded handsomely with greater brand awareness, lower acquisition costs, increased customer retention, and a tribe of consumers who can’t wait to purchase their next product when they treat community management as a central component of their overall brand and marketing strategy. Lauren not only teaches readers how to build an engaging community strategy from the ground up, but she also provides them with the tactical community management activities they need to acquire and retain customers, create compelling content, and track their results. Distinctive in its comprehensive, step-by-step approach The Community Manager’s Playbook:

  • Explains how excellent community management provides a competitive advantage with a large impact on sales
  • Provides an in-depth overview of brand and business alignment
  • Teaches readers how to identify their community’s online target audience and influence their needs and wants
  • Details the appropriate online channels through which content should be distributed
  • Champions the use of an agile approach through repeated testing to maximize the return on every company investment
  • Discusses the many diverse metrics that can be used to measure community scope

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